I’ve mentioned that my children are insane, right?

Everywhere I look, I see more evidence of their sheer insanity. And then once they start talking, any doubt which I may have had is erased. They’re certainly insane. They got that from their father.

Kinsley informed me last night that she had “heard that when you are a baby in your mama’s belly, you have to be naked”.

A few nights ago when Dan was reading her a fairy tale, and he read the phrase “She was broken-hearted”, Kinsley said “Wait, wait, wait! Did someone break their heart? Who broke their heart?”

At nap time yesterday: “Mama, I can’t go to sleep when Papa is not home, because Papa is the best man I ever seen for helping little girls go to sleep in their beds”.

This morning: “You know Mama, when little girls carry stuffed animals around, people will say ‘Oh, that’s just darling!'”

When Kinsley smashed her finger a few days ago, Sophie kissed the injured spot and told her sister “It’s okay Kinsley, at least A Hippo didn’t bite you…”

And Sophie’s answer for everything lately, from diaper changes, to naps, to eating – “I too busy”.

The Belly


It continues to grow – which means that everything is as it should be, though I do feel rather large and unwieldy these days. I seem to be experiencing brief moments of nesting, which the house (and husband) are very grateful for, I’m sure.

One of my new favorite things


This humorous little family was handmade by my family – aren’t they talented?

First, they managed to induce the gourds to grow two summers ago. See, this is where I’d already be lost. Nothing very productive ever comes from my gardens.

But then they managed to dry the gourds (called penguin gourds, by the way) for over a year(!) without losing them. This would be the next problem I would have, since I lose everything.

To top all that off, they manage to come up with this amazingly creative and charming idea, and then implement it!

I come from such a talented family. I often wonder what happened to my portion of the talent.