caring for a cat


The kids have insisted on keeping Meredith in the best of health. They check on her just before bed, the moment they wake up, and about every three minutes in between. Kinsley has decided that we should even keep records. Unfortunately for me, some of these records include graphic descriptions of her daily kills. Fortunately for you, I did not photograph that part of her chart.

(See how often I tell the kids “Wash your hands, that cat probably has worms!”)

Update on Meredeth


She spent her day being rocked to sleep. The kids refused to come in all day until dinner time, and at that point, Meredith wised up and vamoosed. The kids have fretted ever since, and asked to pray about her at bedtime. After they went to sleep, she reappeared on the porch. What a glutton for punishment!

Sophie’s flower




Grandma and Grandpa Jacobson sent this amaryllis to Sophie Lou for her birthday when it was just a little baby bulb. Yesterday it was nothing but a bud. This morning it was breathtaking. It has grown by the hour today, and is even more full and amazing than when we took these photos this afternoon.

Stay tuned for more important updates on the most gorgeous amaryllis ever.



She showed up here yesterday evening and took up residence on, under or near our front porch. If you know me very well, you know that I hate cats. It turns out that I actually hate mice even more – which is something I only recently learned about myself.

Meredith was fished out from under our porch by our children last night, with the help their friend and of their aunt and uncle. The kids were SO thrilled to have a cat, and I am so disgusted by the thriving mouse population, that I figured an outdoor cat couldn’t be all bad at this point. Besides, it will probably move on to more loving (or maybe less physically affectionate) pastures, sooner or later.

“We have a CAT now!!!”

“It’s part kitten!”

“Mama said we can keep it till it dies on the highway!”

“I can’t believe Mama and Papa are going to let us own a CAT!”


I may or may not have named it Meredith after Meredith Palmer. It just works for a cat, right?

Photo credit – google images

PS – if your name happens to be Meredith, please forgive me. I think it’s a lovely name!

PS 2 – I am thinking that I should make a category for things I don’t exactly like, now. Hmmm…

The accomplishments of a 10 month old.


Gillian is growing and changing like crazy, becoming more and more accomplished every single day. She has a new favorite hobby/sport – climbing in and out her car seat. It is an art that she is still perfecting, but she’s making great strides, and she is an awesome encouragement to herself.

She struggles and wiggles, with her face planted firmly in the seat, her fingers searching for a good hold, and her short, fairly useless legs waving in the air behind her. Eventually she manages to get herself mostly upright in the seat, then grins in satisfaction and claps for her accomplishments. Sometimes she is so impressed with her talent that she squeals in delight. She once tried to start a celebratory wave, but found it too difficult to accomplish solo, especially without complete control of her arms and no ability to stand. So she sticks with cheering.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kinsley took the above video – it was her first attmept (as she says) at movie making. It kind of highlights a developing ability to wait nearly a full second before destroying the block tower. Which is actually quite huge. Trux wishes she could wait longer – but he’s a pretty good sport when Gilli destroys his building projects. He chants to himself “She doesn’t understand…” but sometimes it’s just too much and he leaves her to her wicked ways and moves on to more solitary endeavors.

Gillian is also learning to kiss, which she thinks involves touching some part of her face to something and then popping her lower lip. It may or may not include a large dramatic “AWWWWW…”.

She loves to put her stuffed animals to bed – lovingly and forcefully cramming blankets all around them and shouting her new favorite “AWWWWW…”

She waves, feeds those she loves (sometimes pre chewed food), points to her bed when she is tired, and fishes in the toilet. She is beginning to stand a lot, as long as she doesn’t realize its’s happening.

That’s our Gillian at ten months!