I’ve mentioned that my children are insane, right?

Everywhere I look, I see more evidence of their sheer insanity. And then once they start talking, any doubt which I may have had is erased. They’re certainly insane. They got that from their father.

Kinsley informed me last night that she had “heard that when you are a baby in your mama’s belly, you have to be naked”.

A few nights ago when Dan was reading her a fairy tale, and he read the phrase “She was broken-hearted”, Kinsley said “Wait, wait, wait! Did someone break their heart? Who broke their heart?”

At nap time yesterday: “Mama, I can’t go to sleep when Papa is not home, because Papa is the best man I ever seen for helping little girls go to sleep in their beds”.

This morning: “You know Mama, when little girls carry stuffed animals around, people will say ‘Oh, that’s just darling!'”

When Kinsley smashed her finger a few days ago, Sophie kissed the injured spot and told her sister “It’s okay Kinsley, at least A Hippo didn’t bite you…”

And Sophie’s answer for everything lately, from diaper changes, to naps, to eating – “I too busy”.


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