One of my new favorite things


This humorous little family was handmade by my family – aren’t they talented?

First, they managed to induce the gourds to grow two summers ago. See, this is where I’d already be lost. Nothing very productive ever comes from my gardens.

But then they managed to dry the gourds (called penguin gourds, by the way) for over a year(!) without losing them. This would be the next problem I would have, since I lose everything.

To top all that off, they manage to come up with this amazingly creative and charming idea, and then implement it!

I come from such a talented family. I often wonder what happened to my portion of the talent.


8 thoughts on “One of my new favorite things

  1. You wonder what happened to your talent? The answer is absolutely nothing happened to it your the most talented one in our family. lol

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