“A worm, and two reindeer”


Kinsley has taken up sculpting. She then wants me to photograph her work and “put it in a picture frame”.


2 thoughts on ““A worm, and two reindeer”

  1. That is a very healthy worm, just the kind I like to find in my garden. The reindeer is interesting, too. I didn’t see it from a very good angle, but it looked off in the distance from the worm. Very good, Kinsley!

    1. I read your comment to Kinsley, and she said “Did Marme write and say ‘very good, Kinsley!’?” I told her that Marme did, indeed, and she said “Well, when we go to her house to see her puppies, I’m going to give her a hug for that, ’cause that’s a very nice thing to say to me!”

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