On Boxing Day


On Christmas day, a family in our neighborhood lost their home. It is still smoldering, as I type.


I can’t stop thinking of them today, and what it must be like. Can you imagine everything in your home being reduced to that?


Seeing this, reminds me again of our incredible wealth. It’s not just the items. It’s not even mostly the items. That family is almost certainly so very grateful to have each other, that they must feel almost blessed, this Christmas.


Still, it is a sobering reminder. Boxing Day was meant to help us to think of the poor in our lives. I keep thinking of what makes a person or a family need. It’s certainly not just not being able to afford certain extravagances.


Dan and I were talking about how we can invest ourselves into those in our lives and our neighborhood who are needy, and he pointed out that often the need has nothing to do with finances.

Often the need is loneliness, maybe especially this time of year.

The lonely old man who lives alone in his cold, dark house, just next door to ours.

The lonely old lady who used to be our neighbor, and is now all but forgotten in the local nursing home.


So, just a reminder (to myself, more than anyone else) that the need out there is probably bigger we realize, and that this is a really good time of the year to take the focus off of ourselves, and our perceived needs.


May God grant us the wisdom to know how to be useful and comforting to those around us in the coming year.


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