Memorial Day


Papa took the big kids fishing at Marme and Granddad’s pond, and Gilli and I are having a blast here at home!

Wading pool in the kitchen? Check. Corn on the cob? Check. Latte for Mama? Check. Nap? Not so much. Yet.

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When life gave us strawberries…

we made scones!

Nod to Rachel, at Song In My Heart


My previous attempts at scone failed ten out of ten times. They were gross and tasted like baking powder. Frustrated at my failures, I decided that that it was a possibility that my three year old baking powder (purchased in bulk from Sam’s) might be the culprit. I got another can of the stuff and sure enough, that solved all my life’s problems. Morale of the story: Baking powder does go rancid. Yuck!

Armed with a great recipe, fresh baking powder, plump strawberries from Aldi, and 2 quarts of iced coffee, I trotted into the kitchen to make us some breakfast, and all was good.


Happy Birthday, Gillian Adelaide!


Hers was such an easy birth, and she was such a lovely, peaceful infant.


She is the perfect addition to our little family, and is adored by her siblings.


She is no longer exactly peaceful. In fact, she is kind of a ring leader in all the mischief. She has all of us completely wrapped around her pudgy little finger. She is walking now, and has five little teeth, with the sixth one just starting to poke through. She loves¬†avocados, scrambled eggs, and chalk. She is a terrible (or accomplished) climber, and is always in great danger. She loves to give kisses. She loves to dance to just about anything from our old record collection, and her favorite song is a Lawrence Welk song called Let’s Go Dance. She is a pro when it comes to bath time splashing. She still nurses about four times a night. She loves her siblings like crazy and calls them all in to her crib when she wakes. She loves to watch our fish, steal her brother’s sippy cups and fish in the toilet.


Happy Birthday, baby girl!