Spa Day

Photo credit: ronnie44052

Yesterday looked pretty much like that.  Of course, since it was our first real snow of the year the kids wanted to go out.  Did they care that the temperature was 11 degrees and the windchill was far less?  Nope, they did not. 

Mama on the other hand, had no desire whatever to go out, so I did what any self respecting mama would do, and bribed my offspring.

“Would you like to have a spa day?” I crooned.  “Come hither….” I cackled.

I may have mentioned fizzy water and chocolate covered espresso beans. They accepted the bribe.

We started our spa experience by turning on our Spa station on Pandora, melting some Clary Sage and Clarity wax in the Scentsy warmer, and soaking the kids in a nice Lemongrass Tangerine bath, to calm and relax the children, and clear up any remaining belly or body aches after our recent bout of stomach bug.

The girls found it very relaxing. It did however cause them to speak with British accents.  I think I need to check the indications on those oil bottles again.

We did a rosemary hair wash and mask, and then everyone piled into their cozy robes and slippers.

We then indulged in a Geranium and Rose steam facial,

followed by a Lavender toner, a Shea Butter moisturizer and facial massage.

After all this, the girls inspected their faces and found that not only were they already more beautiful, but they were also looking “older”.  Hmmm…

We finished off our afternoon with nail clipping (generally a dreaded battle at hour house) and foot and hand massages.  Ahhh, so much better than snow!

Regardless of my best efforts, they still wanted to go outside at the end of the day. Sigh. At least they must have been among the most relaxed of children out playing in the snow that afternoon.