Lush, indeed!


A while back, I ordered the Karma Komba Solid Shampoo from Lush. We got the shipment a week or so ago, and after using it for several days, I can say that without a doubt, we love it!


They sent a few samples of deodorant with the shipment, and Dan and I were surprised at how they smelled, and at how effective they seemed to be. After a few days, we decided to order the Aromarant deodorant and the Squeaky Green Shampoo.

We got that box the other day and have been very pleased with those products.


“Lush deodorants contain no harsh chemicals to block perspiration and irritate skin. Instead we use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to absorb moisture and neutralize odour, and essential oils to battle bacteria and odour. The hotter you get, the better you smell.

Aromarant is a lemon and herb-scented block of deodorant made with fresh lemons because they are astringent, cooling and good for armpits. We use a fine collection of plant infusions too. Cleavers calms the skin and witch hazel and oak bark are strong, skin-cooling astringents. Bicarbonate of soda absorbs odors and neutralizes the microbes that live on your skin and react with sweat to cause pongs. Sandalwood oil makes you smell good. Done.”

That’s what they say about the deodorant, and as far as we can tell, it seems to be true. We stay pretty fresh, and the scent is neither masculine or feminine, so it works well for both of us.


“Whenever we can, we turn our products solid. Solid shampoo needs no preservatives, requires no packaging and lasts for ages. You can take just one bar on holiday and wash your body and clothes with it too! Keep yours dry between washes and you’ll be bored with it before it runs out.

Refreshingly herbal for squeaky clean hair. Virtuous without being boring, Squeaky Green is a fantastic shampoo for hair and scalp, even helping to reduce dandruff. Nutritious nettle, restorative rosemary, purifying tea tree and stimulating peppermint pack its little green body with riches for your head. As a bonus, Squeaky is fabulously fragranced with our refreshingly herbal Go Green scent. Now proudly SLS-free.”

That’s the shampoo sales pitch, and so far, we agree completely. Oh, and I can’t say enough about how wonderful the Lush shampoos smell!

The prices may seem a little steep, but from everything I read, it looks as if each Lush product should last nearly one year, which really might be considered a savings…


Bluegrass at the Veterans Home

Wednesdays are auto action days. There’s an auction in the morning, and one in the evening, and usually Dan attends them both.

We often ride along to the evening auction and spend the time with The Lonesome Hill Gang (otherwise known as Uncle Eric and Aunt Paula and gang) while they jam with some other local bluegrassers at the Veterans Home. It’s the highlight of the week for Kinsley, and also for the guys at the veterans home. They’re all such characters!

There’s a guy who is missing one leg, and Kinsley asks him almost every time if he “got his leg blowed off” which he usually affirms (when he can hear her, that is).

There’s another man, called Richard the Veteran, who drives around in a motorized wheel chair, with all the pomp and circumstance of royalty. He decorates his transportation with an assortment of banners, streamers, flags, and stuffed animals carefully chosen for whatever holiday is upcoming. He loves to sketch little pictures for the girls, or entertain them with the antics of one or other of his stuffed animals.

Another man very ceremoniously gave my girls, and their young cousins, each a gold Liberty dollar.

Yet another man gives an approving thumbs up to anyone who he can make eye contact with: the musicians, the little girls, and even the staff cleaning the remains of dinner from the dining room.

A couple old fellows who usually sit together, spend much of the evening trying to get my daughters to come and dance with them, but usually it’s a losing battle and they content themselves with watching the girls dance with each other or their baby dolls.

One fellow, who was finally victorious and got Kinsley to dance with him, told her that she was a pretty little girl, and Kinsley responded that, in case he hadn’t noticed, she “has blue eyes, too”.

Kinsley loves to play the mandolin on Aunt Paula’s lap, whenever she gets the chance. Last week, as she was strumming along with the music, she noticed the two guitar players next to her were carrying on a conversation during the song. She leaned over and hushed them, explaining that “we are playing a song”.

We enjoy the outing greatly, and hope that it teaches the girls to be selfless as they think of others around them.

multi-grain bread


This has been my only pregnancy craving so far. I can’t seem to get enough of the is bread. I’ve eaten it pretty much anyway you can think of, with cherry preserves, eggs with runny yolks and crispy edges, toasted cheese, peanut butter and jelly… you name it. It’s good stuff, and so easy to make! I’ll try to post the recipe soon…



The main reason posting has been sparse (of late)… The Littlest Jacobson! I thought I would wait and introduce this little person once we successfully finished the first trimester… but I just couldn’t wait that extra week and a half.

Unless you’re much better at reading those ultrasound photos than I am, I doubt that the above photos means much to you. So, while the photo below is not actually “Schmizzel” (as Kinsley has taken to calling the new baby), it should give you a slightly better idea as to what the baby looks like at the moment…


Puppy for Sale


Frances has had a litter of two fat little male puppies. We’ve sold one already, and have just one left. He is a sabled red, and looks to be long-haired. He is ACA registered, and up to date with his shots, etc. As you might imagine, the puppies are well socialized, and are good with children of all ages. We’re asking $400, in case you’re interested.

A coversation with Kinsley

The following conversation took place as we drove by our public swimming pool.

Kinsley: Mama, did God make the swimming pool?

Mama: No, not exactly. But he did help the people who made it know how to make it.

Kinsley: Did God tell the people, “Put yucky water in the swimming pool”?

Mama: No, the water in the pool is very nice water!

Kinsley: Then I can drink the water in the pool.

Mama (beginning to see where this conversation is headed): No, you can’t drink the water, Kinsley!

Kinsley: Well then, I guess the water is yucky.

Pictures with The Lonesome Hill Gang


The Lonesome Hill Gang is about to cut their first CD, and we went up there this week to take photos for the cover art. We took over three hundred photos, and they have narrowed it down to three. The above photo is one of the finalist. Below are the other two.



So what do you think?

I’ll post some of the runners-up later on.