If I could…

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If only I could create my dream spring/summer wardrobe, it would look something like this.


Cardigan – in white, of course!

Pants that actually fit! One in stone, and one in denim.

The perfect denim skirt

Khaki Skirt

3/4 sleeve collared tees in baby pink, brilliant green, and dream blue.

Button down shirts in a brilliant green, firebrick, black, and white.

Diaper Bag and handbag.

Dress Shoes

Weekend Sandals

Comfy House and Pool Sandals

Swimsuit in crimson.

Coverup and Swim Tote

Seven Vintage Style Daydresses in charming floral prints or bright jewel tones.

Cotton Print Dresses in several colors for weddings, showers, and other summery affairs.

Monday Madness

1. Do you ever use all caps when typing online messages?
No. I hate all caps – it makes me feel like the writer is screaming at me. Either that or too lazy to use proper pronunciation so they choose all caps as an easy out.

2. Does it bother you when other people use all caps in their messages?
Oh. SEE ANSWER ABOVE! (I just had to know how it felt. Just this once.)

3. Do you use abbreviations (i.e. lol, brb, etc.) when typing email messages or text messages?
I use etc a lot. I have on occasion used i.e. I hate the lol, roflmbo (or any variation on that one) and most other “cutesy” abbreviations. I feel like the English language is being dumbed down to nothing and it reminds me of 1984.

4. Do you ever receive faxes or other correspondence from a professional office that are typed in all caps? If so, what do you think of that?
No, I don’t because I am a stay at home mom. I do, however, see all cap foam letters or refrigerator magnets, and I don’t like that. I am going to great lengths to find a set of children’s refrigerator magnets in lower case letters.

5. Do you rely on the computer program to catch your typing errors, or do you proofread your material before sending it out?
Mostly I rely on the computer to catch my spelling errors, though I also proofread to see if what I have just written makes any sense at all.

The Boys

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My brother is home from Korea, and is visiting us on his way to his new posting in DC. This picture is an unusual photo both because he’s home, and because they all cooperated and stood for the portrait!


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Monday – Dinner at Mom and Dad’s

Tuesday – Chicken Fried Steak (Leftover from last weeks menu).

Wednesday – Blackened Tilapia

Thursday – Chinese food from Aldis

Friday – Philly Steak and Cheese Sandwiches

Saturday – Dinner with friends

Friday’s Feast

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Where on your body do you have a scar, and what caused it?

Well – since I was such a graceful child, I escaped childhood with very few scars. Yeah right. Let’s see, about three hundred on my arms from various burns, and a memorable one above my left eye which occurred in a shooting accident. I was the one holding the gun, and yes, it was pointed the right direction. I simply held it too loosely and it kicked me right-smack-dab above the left eye, knocking me flat on my back and causing an impressive amount of blood to appear. Then there’s that scar on my calf which I got when I fell through a heat vent – yet another testament to my natural grace.

What is something that has happened to you that you would consider a miracle?

I birthed two babies. In my opinion, that whole entire pregnancy process is a miracle. It’s a miracle I met the most wonderful man in the world and got him to marry me before anyone else got a hold of him. It’s a miracle when my seventeen month old daughter makes it through the day without choking. The exquisite moon last night was a miracle. Really, I think we look to hard for miracles which causes us to miss the ones God is doing every minute of every day.

Name a television personality who really gets on your nerves.

Oprah. Well, about every single person I’ve ever seen on TV annoys me in some way. I’m very critical of people, can you tell?

Main Course
What was a funny word you said as a child (such as “pasketti” for “spaghetti”)?

All my brothers called spaghetti pasketti! I, on the other hand, had perfect pronunciation and dictation. I actually can’t remember any words like that, but I have very few early memories. I do remember that I would have killed to have an English accent, though.

Fill in the blank: I have always thought ______ was ______.

WoW! That could be anything.

Coffee was good.
Shakespeare was interesting.
I don’t know, but one of my brother’s insisted that a cloud was “smoke from hell”. Does that count?