“Lettuce Boy” and his “Jacobson Ring”

For Christmas we gave Truxton a green cape and mask, and made him little shoe wings and wrist cuffs (thanks to Pinterst) for a complete superhero ensemble, because we all know that a boy with three sister needs some masculine dress up options! Anyway, he opened them on Christmas morning and shouted “Lettuce Boy!!!” It was so funny because we had never heard him say that before, but he stuck with Lettuce Boy as his superhero name.

Then the other day Truxton found the above ring, and immediately dubbed it his “Jacobson Ring”.

What a weird little brain.



The first lamb of the new year.
Actually, he was one of twins – but the twin didn’t make it for some reason.
The morning after they were born, we found Nigel nearly frozen solid. My brother and I brought him in and immediately submerged him in a sink full of hot water.  Mom came up and joined in the efforts.  We massaged him in the hot water for nearly an hour before he began to show signs of life.
Nigel took up residence inside our home, since we were enjoying sub-zero temps that week, and since Mildred, his Mama had decided that parenting was not on her list of Cool Activities For The Hip Ewe To Do.
The first night, Nigel’s twin brother, Murray died fairly suddenly – apparently of some un-named disease.
Ignacio decided that we would take on the role of mother to the motherless.
Though Trux was pretty possessive as well.
Dan took Nigel out and forced Mildred to allow her son to nurse every three hours, ’round the clock for nearly a week.  Actually, Jacob assisted with the daytime feedings, and Dan did the night shift.
After nearly a week of shirking her maternal duties, Mildred had a change of heart and re-assumed responsibility for the care of her offspring. 
We were surprised and elated at this unexpected success!  Now we are awaiting the arrival of the rest of the lambs…and hoping for a slightly easier process.

Catching up – already!

I think it’s probably not a good sign if I’m already having to play “catch up” on the fourth post of a new blog.  However, life must take precedence over the documentation of life – which I actually have a hard time accepting, sometimes!
So, since our last post, we’ve done Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a cross country family vacation, New Years, and Sophie’s birthday…. 

A super abbreviated recap:
Christmas was lovely, everywhere we celebrated it.  At home, abroad, and next door.
New Mexico was as lovely as ever!  We celebrated New Years on the train traveling cross-country back to the place we call home.
Sophie’s birthday was a smashing success.  Anything involving cake, family and gifts is generally quite the success, around here. 
More detailed photo highlights may or may not follow in the next several posts… 😉