pretty, happy, funny, real – photo heavy edition

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life
Sometimes when I participate in (or even read) these “pretty, happy, funny, real” blog posts, they are more of a reminder for me to be content.  Actually, maybe that’s the case most of the time, when I sit down and think of what photos or thoughts illustrate those four words I am reminded of how content I really am.  And that’s great.  I think that this might even be the purpose of this weekly exercise.  But this week, I was feeling exuberantly content even while I was taking these pictures.  How wonderful it is to spend time with these four little crazy people!  And gee-whiz, aren’t they pretty?


early morning calm

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.
Psalm 5:3
Even though that picture wasn’t taken this morning (it’s from yesterday evening, actually) it depicts how I’m feeling fairly accurately.
The two youngest babies are sleeping still, which is very rare (okay, it’s actually never happened before), which has allowed me coffee and time to visit with my husband, time to think, look out the window, consider meals, and to “look up”.  It’s strange how even just five minutes of quiet in the morning can so completely change my perspective for a while.  Now, if only I can maintain that perspective for the rest of our day. 🙂

On to breakfast, Proverbs and the beginning of another school day!

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Apple Tasting


We held an apple tasting last week, as part of our unit study on apples.  It was really fun (and interesting!) to explore all the different flavors,
textures, sizes and colors of this one fruit alone.
We chose one of each kind of apple that the grocery store had (actually, Marme did this part for us)!  We washed them, looked at the different colors, variations of the shapes, the way each one felt, etc.

Then we cut each one in half and admired the star design in the center of each.  We talked a little about halves, wholes, and quarters.

We noticed that the stars in the center were a little different for each kind of apple.
Then we tasted…
carefully considered each apple…
and rated it.
Some of used a star rating system…
while some of us preferred our own rating system, which involved chihuahuas, hearts and people (either fat or skinny).
Not to name names, but the ones of us who used the latter rating system are blonde.
Some of us just pronounced all apples to be “nummy!”

Just popping in to say hello!

This last week was filled with stress and trials.  As of today everyone except for Kinsley is sick with the flu.  The real flu.  I have been really wanting to blog, but I have not been able to find a second before now.  All of my feverish little children are finally in bed, and instead of catching up on blogging, I plan to catch up on sleeping.  So all the posts I had wanted to write will have to wait, but for now, I will leave you with a little bit of Gilli cuteness…

The Greenest Teether

The other day Gillian was looking around for something good to chew on…

Her eye lighted on her foot, and it was love at first sight!
It’s perfect!  It’s never lays around on the floor, stays reasonably clean, has a nice rubbery texture, and Gilli always seems to be able to find it.  It’s all very convenient.

pretty, happy, funny, real

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~


In the midst of our hectic, busy and messy school day, every once in a while some beautiful little scene catches my eye.  This was one of those scenes.  After a lovely walk on a beautiful afternoon, the kids were making some pretty leaf prints at the school table, and this little leaf got knocked out of the basket.  Maybe I’m weird – but it sure looked pretty to me!


Truxton insisted on wearing this necktie all day long.  We worked on potty training a bit this morning, and I usually let him run around with a bare hiney when I’m trying to focus on potty training.  This morning he insisted on wearing a bright yellow striped t-shirt, red plaid tie, and nothing else.  When the yellow shirt got dirty at lunch, he insisted that it was time to wear his PJs, but with the tie.


This picture cracked me up, cause that’s about as real as it gets around here.  Trusxton being a stubborn stinker, Kinsley huffily rolling her eyes, and Sophie trying to mediate between the two.
But they really are worth it all!

It started as a box

became a solar viewer.
At the end of our sun unit we made a safe sun viewer out of a box.  Even without a solar eclipse to view, the girls had a blast trying it out – and I had a blast watching them!
Then during our moon unit, the solar viewer box became part of a
 space shuttle
that Uncle Caleb helped the girls build.
Next the box became a
pirate ship.
Then parts of the box got cut up and made into Egyptian
paper dolls.
Aren’t empty cardboard boxes just the best toy ever?