Joy Dare :: Unframed Art

Unframed art is really prolific around here. There are stacks and stacks of the stuff everywhere you look. Messy art projects are not something I am naturally thankful for, but I’m trying to not let the chaos bother me,

But recently, all the children have been branching out extensively in their artistic endeavors.


Sophie is the queen of all art forms. She’s not afraid to try her hand at anything, and is generally quite pleased with the results.



Kinsley seems to show some aptitude in the sculpting department.


Our charming penguin family was a gift from my creative mom. The kids love getting these guys out each Christmas season. They like to imagine all sorts of “clever” conversations taking place between the three gourds.

And the art behind them is by my awesome brother. I asked for an Ansel Adams style crayon art piece, and that is what he made me.



Puzzles, another art form we are certainly thankful for.  Especially these two.

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The little gnome hat


Another hat for The Boy. Poor thing, he has no idea what he’s in for.


The pattern (found on Ravelry) was the hat from The Elfin Baby Set, by Lion Brand. I actually made this while in the car, en-route to the doctors office a couple of weeks ago, so now I can’t remember for certain if I had to make any changes to the pattern, but I think it ran small and I had to add several rows…

rah-rah hats


These hats were designed to coordinate with the hoodies which Uncle Zion gave to the girls, in honor of Sophie’s birthday.


After I finished Sophie’s, Dan pointed out that they reminded him of antique football helmets.


Now Kinsley calls it “her football helmet”…


Both girls really wanted The Boy to have a matching hat, but Kinsley was perplexed by the flower… “He can’t have a flower, Mama, cause he’s a boy…” So, this is what we came up with.


Once again, the patterns came from Ravelry. The Sophie’s hat pattern is the Brrr Baby Beanie, with the Picot Flower accent.


Kinsley’s hat (since she needed a size bigger) was the Cute Kid’s Earflap Hat, but with the same floral accent. I didn’t do the gauge swatch on this, and her hat is borderline too small. I may go ahead and make a duplicate in the next size up (I did the size 2-4 pattern).


The Boy’s hat was the SLK Baby Hat pattern. His hat has more of a mushroom shape than the pattern depicts, and the reason for this is that I got scared about how large it was turning out, and decreased a few rounds…

Anyway… we’ll be cheering the team in style, this year!


The Papa Hat

I’ve been taking advantage of all this ice, sleet, and snow, to accomplish a few indoor projects over the last few days. Unfortunately when I get into project mode, the basics always seem to suffer – but it does feel good to get something out of the ordinary done once in a while.

I’ve wanted to make Dan a hat for quite a while, and for some reason never quite got around to it. Last night I finally chose a pattern, pulled out the yarn basket and got started.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Dan actually likes it much, as it’s not quite as warm as his stocking cap and beanies really aren’t his style….


Kinsley says that it looks like “a pregnant mama hat”… so maybe I just have really poor taste in the pattern choosing department.

I found the pattern on Ravelry (which is one of my favorite sites to browse for inspiration and motivation.) The hat is called The Skater Beanie, and the pattern was highly adjustable, as sizing was based on measurements, instead of a gauge swatch.

I’m not certain what the yarn is, since it was a ball I collected a while back from a thrift store, but I don’t think it’s anything special… just your basic yarn.

I crocheted the hat in one sitting (except for 42 bathroom breaks) and it really only took a couple of hours.

I hope to get around to making The Boy a coordinating hat, maybe this evening…