Joy Dare :: Unframed Art

Unframed art is really prolific around here. There are stacks and stacks of the stuff everywhere you look. Messy art projects are not something I am naturally thankful for, but I’m trying to not let the chaos bother me,

But recently, all the children have been branching out extensively in their artistic endeavors.


Sophie is the queen of all art forms. She’s not afraid to try her hand at anything, and is generally quite pleased with the results.



Kinsley seems to show some aptitude in the sculpting department.


Our charming penguin family was a gift from my creative mom. The kids love getting these guys out each Christmas season. They like to imagine all sorts of “clever” conversations taking place between the three gourds.

And the art behind them is by my awesome brother. I asked for an Ansel Adams style crayon art piece, and that is what he made me.



Puzzles, another art form we are certainly thankful for.  Especially these two.

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Joy Dare :: A Gift Hung, Held, Heard

A Gift Hung


My black and white crayon art was a birthday gift from my super talented brother Jacob. I asked if he could pull of an Ansel Adams feel, and he sure did! It’s one of my most favorite pieces of art.

A Gift Held


I had to include Gillian here, since she makes certain that she is the main thing I find myself holding. That’s okay though, she’s pretty cute!

A Gift Heard


When we snagged our bird-songs clock from a neighbors yard sale, I was thrilled that both the kids and I could learn some of the bird calls in such an easy way. Unfortunately, I neglected to make sure that it was accurate, and after several months of me calling the name of each bird at the top of the hour, Dan pointed out that the clock must be set wrong, and I realized that we had learned all the wrong songs to all the wrong birds. Oh well. We’ll get around to bird songs someday.


Around Christsmas time our family went to see Claude Monet’s Water Lilly series at the Saint Louis Art Museum.  I was so glad we did it.  Dan and I both had a very different reaction to seeing the triptych in person.  We did both agree that it was very educational and enlightening, though.

Kinsley seemed to really enjoy it.

The art museum supplied us with educational folders on impressionist paintings.  The kids have begged to “do them” ever since our trip, so we took advantage of some nice weather last week to dabble in impressionism. 

We got all set up to paint the scene across the road from us.

We talked about the colors, and the way the light came through the trees.  Mostly I focused on the idea of the colors, just to see what the kids would come up with.

They set to work full of enthusiasm.

and painted…

and painted…

and painted…

Gillian and I provided moral support.
The end results were…

very impressive.

In case you don’t see it, there is a hippo in a pond, a fire, and a tree with fall leaves. 🙂