101 Things About Me

1. I love my family more than anything in the world.
2. Without them, I wouldn’t be me.
3. I am insanely in love with my husband
4. He is 15 years my senior.
5. I have great plans, but lack follow through.
6. I love vintage music of all sorts.
7. After we were married, I thought I’d never get pregnant.
8. We did.
9. It seems that I’ve been perpetually pregnant for over eight of the last ten years.
10. When Kinsley was still a pregnant belly, we called her Pipsqueak.
11. Sophie was known as Twinkle.
12. I love them so much that it hurts.
13. But they can drive a person mad.
14. I want to be organized.
15. I even envision myself as organized.
16. I am not.
17. I have a fondness for junk food.
18. Especially McDonald’s.
19. I live for coffee.
20. I’d rather die young than eat health food that tastes bad.
21. I inherited my dad’s eyebrows.
22. They look better on him.
23. I have four brothers.
24. And two sisters.
25. I am the second child.
26. My older sister was adopted.
27. I am ten years younger than she.
28. So I still have oldest child syndrome.
29. I love photography.
30. I am addicted to sewing.
31. I’d rather sew than eat.
32. I used to be a florist.
33. I wish used my florist “skills” more often.
34. I am a home school alumni.
35. I was home schooled all my life.
36. I loved every minute of it.
37. My children will be home schooled.
38. I love Shakespeare.
39. I covet unique fabrics.
40. And vintage patterns.
41. I wish I lived in the 40s or 50s.
42. I once ate a peanut butter and Canadian bacon sandwich on an English muffin.
43. I regretted it very soon thereafter.
44. I love peach juice.
45. I can’t get enough sleep.
46. I love pizza.
47. Especially Casey’s Pizza.
48. Especially cold Casey’s Pizza for breakfast.
49. I hate bugs. Really, really hate bugs.
50. My husband has a Master’s in entomology
51. I wish all roaches, mosquitoes and spiders would die very long and painful deaths.
52. I cried the first time Kinsley was bitten by a mosquito.
53. I really don’t cry all that often.
54. I love it when Dan reads to me while I take a bath. He used to do that pretty regularly.
55. We now live in a house with no bathtub.
56. I type 80 WPM.
57. I love coffee.
58. I drink about two pots a day.
59. I hate coffee made in a drip pot.
60. My father accuses me of coffee snobbery.
61. He is the reason I love coffee.
62. I love heat and humidity.
63. I hate winter.
64. I don’t care for chocolate.
65. Or most sweets, for that matter.
66. Peaches give me hives.
67. I don’t like to talk on the phone.
68. I love Dr. Pepper.
69. I hate email forwards.
70. Stories and emails that are written to provide someone with a ‘spine tingle’ irritate me.
70. People who love stories and emails that are written to provide someone with a ‘spine tingle’ irritate me.
71. I love the smells of lavender, household cleaners, and babies.
72. I love swing and big band music.
73. I find that I can’t handle much more than three bluegrass songs in a row.
74. I love to listen to A Prairie Home Companion.
75. My favorite color is constantly changing.
76. At the moment I love a deep chocolate brown and grass green.
77. I am the only person I know who has made it to the America’s Most Wanted list for overdue library books.
78. It’s unbelievably difficult to manage a two year old, and a nine month old in a library.
79. I want a miniature dachshunds.
80. My husband does not.
81. I have a miniature dachshund.
82. I am married to a used car sales man.
83. Neither he, nor I ever dreamed he’d be a used car sales man.
84. I LOVE to photograph anything and everything.
85. As a result, we’ve had to purchase another hard drive.
86. We also need to purchase more Ram
87. I was once a delegate to our district, with my husband and father.
88. My parents and my husband went on to be delegates to our state caucus.
89. I did not.
90. I’ve repented of my ways, and would now love to drive a minivan.
91. I have had less than five full night’s sleep in 7.5 years.
92. That has not been my choice.
93. I hate cleaning rice up off of the floor.
94. We now have three daughters and one son. They are all insane.
95. Now we drive a minivan. It’s wonderful!
96. I no longer have a miniature dachshund.
97. I’m quite relieved.
98. I can’t sleep if the pillows are backwards on the bed. Backwards is when the opening of the pillowcase is facing in, toward the center of the bed, instead of toward the outer edges of the bed.
99. Every time I cook anything, my kitchen fills with smoke. It’s a law of nature.
100. I recently had the pleasure of getting my hand stuck in a toilet. This has a long story behind it…
101. I now want a basset hound.


6 thoughts on “101 Things About Me

  1. I love your photos! I am actually new to the blog world and saw your blog on CWO. If you have time please visit my blog.

    I’ll keep watching your “about me list”….grow! You have made me laugh. πŸ™‚


  2. I know this is an old blog but it made me laugh. Out loud. Very loudly, in fact. So now my neighbors think I’m that crazy single girl that lives alone and laughs hysterically to herself in the middle of the night. This could explain why I haven’t bonded with my neighbors. πŸ™‚

  3. I am very interested in your article on Charles & Leno Williams. Do you have more information on their lifes and where they lived. They are my Great Grandparents. Virgil Williams was my Grandfather. I would appreciate any information that you would care to share. My Mother is still living (93) and is doing well. I have been trying to get information for her on this side of the family.

    Thank You

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