Joy Dare :: White

I have been wanting to get back into blogging this entire fall, now that I am feeling settled into our new home, and am going to make a stab at it tonight, though the pounding footsteps above me indicate that all urchins are not settled into their beds, as I had hoped when I escaped to the make-shift computer area in the basement.

Another hope of mine is that I will be able to post a pictorial “Joy Dare” post at the end of the day every day, starting with December first’s assignment of “3 Gifts White”.

I actually do have the three “White” gifts already captured on my camera, but it simply won’t cooperate tonight, so I will just post the one, simple, mundane white thing that we often find ourselves being VERY thankful for in this household….


Maybe I will get the other white gifts added to this post tomorrow but for now, I’m feeling pretty happy that I managed to get this far tonight… now I am off to wrestle the 18 month old back into bed.



A favorite white dish of mine.


And the aforementioned 18 month old, who is now sleeping peacefully. The White here is her almond milk, which has become her Precious since we weaned her. Yay for what works!


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