Kinsley’s breakfast.

In an attempt to remove cereal from our diet, frozen blueberries and cream have become a breakfast staple for the children.


Sophie’s breakfast.


Truxton’s breakfast.


Mama’s and Gillian’s joint breakfast. It looks so much more appetizing before Gilli gets her grubby hands on it!


Oh, and did you notice the steam rising off my coffee?


Oh, the joy!

Please feel free to ignore these meal posts… we are attempting a healthier diet these last couple of weeks and I have been chronicling our meals for my own amusement and because I told a friend that I would do so. We are basically trying to eat along the lines of the Primal diet as outlined by Mark Sisson, but I think that it also follows a lot of the same basic principles of the GAPS diet, Dr. Weston A Price, and the Paleo diet. Basically we have attempted to eliminate sugar and most carbs, and eat a lot more veggies, healthy fats, and whole milk products! The children are eating a lot more fruit, too.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. I’m so proud of you Candace! This reminds me of myself once upon a time… You see, I have a big sweet tooth as well… and I love my sugar! However, one October morning (I was fourteen), my silly conscience realized I ate the most sweets during the Holiday season… So, in order to become a more healthier me, I decided to try to completely eliminate refined sugar from my diet until after the New Year. It was hard at first, but after two and a half months it was almost natural to refuse sweets, or anything with refined sugar. Well, with me being the stubborn being I am, I decided to see how long I could resist the temptation…Well it took me awhile, but I eventually found a good excuse… I was going to Europe. Four years later, yes, four whole years, I decided to break my fast so that I might indulge in some Belgium chocolate, Italian gelato, French pastries, and the many other treats one might find wondering the streets of Europe… and boy was it worth it! 🙂

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