Scenes from our morning


Everyone was up at 6:30 this morning, and headed outside first thing to build fairy houses.


Marme had dropped off a birdbath for the garden and (unbeknownst to her) it was scarfed up and used as a swimming pool for the fairy compound that the girls were building.



Notice the pjs? The kids were up and at it when the schoolbus stopped in our driveway for the neighbor kids. “Why yes, those weird kids are homeschooled! No, I have no idea why they go outside in their PJs at the crack of dawn.”


Gillian issued helpful, single-syllable tips and suggestions, and waved her fat little pointy finger around in a very authoritative manner. Kinsley and Sophie both agreed that her council was surprisingly useful.


Truxton, on the other hand, was not so useful. In fact, when he wasn’t in the tree he actually caused quite a bit of devastation to their efforts.

Thanks to my friend Nirasha for reminding me to take pictures more often! 🙂


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