Sense of touch


A couple of weeks ago we were studying our senses.  On the day that we studied our sense of touch, I made these little sensory balloons, which were a blast for the kids!

I filled pairs of balloons with matching “stuff” so that the kids could match the pairs just be feeling.  I used water, air, rice, millet, and flour.

It was really interesting to see how they categorized what was in the balloons.  Sophie especially had to find some way to visualize.  She wanted to know what was in each balloon, and what it looked like. When I told her to try to just think about how each one felt, she still had to try to make visual comparisons… “this stuff is longer than the other stuff…” etc.  And she seriously never stopped talking.  Sometimes I wonder how that girl can think with the constant chattering!

Oh, I just realized that here we are, doing schoolwork at the kitchen table in our PJs!  How very stereotypical of us!


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