Apple Tasting


We held an apple tasting last week, as part of our unit study on apples.  It was really fun (and interesting!) to explore all the different flavors,
textures, sizes and colors of this one fruit alone.
We chose one of each kind of apple that the grocery store had (actually, Marme did this part for us)!  We washed them, looked at the different colors, variations of the shapes, the way each one felt, etc.

Then we cut each one in half and admired the star design in the center of each.  We talked a little about halves, wholes, and quarters.

We noticed that the stars in the center were a little different for each kind of apple.
Then we tasted…
carefully considered each apple…
and rated it.
Some of used a star rating system…
while some of us preferred our own rating system, which involved chihuahuas, hearts and people (either fat or skinny).
Not to name names, but the ones of us who used the latter rating system are blonde.
Some of us just pronounced all apples to be “nummy!”


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