pretty, happy, funny, real

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~


In the midst of our hectic, busy and messy school day, every once in a while some beautiful little scene catches my eye.  This was one of those scenes.  After a lovely walk on a beautiful afternoon, the kids were making some pretty leaf prints at the school table, and this little leaf got knocked out of the basket.  Maybe I’m weird – but it sure looked pretty to me!


Truxton insisted on wearing this necktie all day long.  We worked on potty training a bit this morning, and I usually let him run around with a bare hiney when I’m trying to focus on potty training.  This morning he insisted on wearing a bright yellow striped t-shirt, red plaid tie, and nothing else.  When the yellow shirt got dirty at lunch, he insisted that it was time to wear his PJs, but with the tie.


This picture cracked me up, cause that’s about as real as it gets around here.  Trusxton being a stubborn stinker, Kinsley huffily rolling her eyes, and Sophie trying to mediate between the two.
But they really are worth it all!


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