sweet cellulite & baltic amber

What can you say?  There are no words to describe the incredibly soft, wrinkly, fuzzy, cellulite-ish (okay, maybe there are) back and hiney which belong to out little Gilli Girl…

Gillian is teething full time these days – and her amber necklace really seems to help her out.  I was a bit skeptical at first, but the difference it makes is very obvious, even to Dan!  It’s pretty much uh-mazing!
We got ours from Amazon (the link below is the actual one Gilli wears – doesn’t she make it look awesome?!)  So if you have a baby, know anyone who has a baby, ever plan to have a baby, or, according to these people, just want to be healthy and live a long and fruitful life {wink}, then you must buy one. Now. Asap.

They’re that good.

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