the sun :: day two

We begin our school days with the 100s chart.  Each day we write the next number on the chart, and add a straw to our “straw vase”.  When we have ten straws in the vase, the plan is to rubber band ten together.  Hopefully this will help them begin to understand the concepts of ones, tens and hundreds.  That’s the plan, anyway!
 Tuesday is our handwriting day.  I love the way that MFW approaches handwriting.  The first thing we do is go over the picture cards we made on Monday.  They girls say something like “Shirt starts with ssss” while tracing the textured “S” with their finger. 

You might think that is over simple for a kindergartner, but I’m here to tell you that it’s very waaay helpful for Sophie.  It helps her get the general idea of how she will “draw” the letter on paper (i.e. start at the top, etc).

Even two year old Truxton seemed to get some idea of what we were doing, and wanted to mimic this girls handwriting on his little chalkboard,  He kinda got the general idea, all on his own.  He even connected that shape with the sound “ssssssss”, so I’m wondering if he will continue to pick up the sounds as we progress through the next several weeks.

Kinsley nailed it.  She’s amazing like that.  Soph really didn’t do too badly, either!

I just included this because it was a part of our day (and it was so darn cute, right?)

The children then painted pictures of the sun, following simple instructions that I gave them about patterns (“alternate red and yellow for the rays of the sun”).  Sophie had a bit of trouble with that, so we followed up with a bit of pattern practice with Truxton’s pegs.  She never knew she was learning, I tell ya!
We were supposed to make raisins today, but I had forgotten the grapes.  So, in the meantime, we watched this cute little “documentary” on youtube.  I bet you this guy was homeschooled. 🙂  (Scroll to the bottom to disable the music)

We went on a hike this afternoon, on a favorite river bluff.  The kids are getting pretty good at spotting things with the “S” sound!


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