the sun :: day one

Today we began a week long study of the sun.  I keep having to remind myself that the girls are kindergartners and to teach accordingly – but Kinsley just soaks up everything.

Sophie seems to have about a ten second attention span, before she checks out.  And when she checks out, we’re talking real. serious. checkout.  Dan experienced the checkout ten seconds into our usual geography lesson, and was pretty amazed.  The child seriously did not know her name.  This is no exaggeration.

Please send help.
She did manage to stay with us long enough to finish this one part of her cuisenaire alphabet sheet, which I thought was major progress.
Kinsley, on the other hand, races through the work and wants to do more.  So needless to say, I’m trying to find a balance between the two, or to be wise enough to know when not to lump them together.
So, we read a bit on the sun, looked at some amazing photos of the sun, and watched this little video series (I remembered this from when I was a kid).  We talked about how Jesus is the Light of the World, and the kids experimented with walking around blindfolded to see what the world would be like without light.
We made a safe sun viewer from a box, and went on a nature walk with Papa to try it out.  Unfortunately it was too overcast to be able to see much of the sun, so we contented ourselves with watching for things that begin with an “S” (the letter we are studying in the reading program).
We read The Village Blacksmith for our poetry, and began our study of the composer, Bach.  We read his bio and listened to a few parts of his “Passion”.
We continued with the first lesson of our Spanish videos, and the girls used a few of the phrases all on their own!
 We really probably spend three hours of our day on “School” but it’s broken into such small segments that I think they barely notice it at all.
So, I think it’s going fairly well…

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