our first official day of homeschooling

This is it! The beginning of a more “official” education for the children of the Jacobson family.

This year we selected the curriculum called My Father’s World From A to Z. Eventually we think we would like to make a switch to Ambelside’s online curriculum, but since I’m a newbie homeschool mom with an infant, a toddler and two kindergartners, we thought that maybe we should start with a program that’s pretty much laid out for us. I have lived and breathed the teacher’s manual for the last four weeks, and I think it will be a lot of fun for us!

The girls are thrilled to be starting “school”. They always seem to thrive on a schedule, and were super hyped to start this one. With Papa working the graveyard shift I’ve been eager to start our schedule, too. It really helps me keep the kids channeled and quiet.

So, what did our day look like? I woke at 6:00 when Dan arrived home from work. We visited for a bit, prayed together, had coffee and breakfast, then Dan went to bed. Gillian was awake by then. I managed to squeeze in a few yoga stretches and print the necessary pages before the other children woke up. After they were dressed, beds were made, and everyone was fed, we listened to Uncle Rick read the first chapter of Proverbs while I changed diapers and got Truxton settled with his awesome toddler tote (a gift from a sweet family at church).
The girls and I then spent no more than 45 minutes on the intro lesson (The First Day of Creation). They illustrated the first page of a book which should be finished on Day 7, and colored their creation number for the wall banners.  The theme for the day is Light and Dark.

After lunch we read some poetry from the Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children’s Poems. Then we worked a bit on saying some colors in Spanish, using these lessons.  

Papa woke up and we had a snack.  Notice the theme?  Next up will be a nature walk as a family…

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