The most relaxing vacation of our year…

…possibly even our the most relaxing vacation we’ve taken post children.  Yep, it was that nice.
My sister and brother in law funded an overnight stay for us in St. Louis, in return for a little favor we did for them.  It was a beautiful fall weekend and we had nowhere we had to be, no one we had to see, and no deadlines.  It was ridiculously relaxing.
We stayed at Drury Inn near the zoo, and while I’ve never considered myself the kind of girl to develop hotel chain loyalty, I am considering it now.  The price was not necessarily a steal, but when you have intense morning sickness, and are traveling with three children five and under, you really appreciate things like their 5:30 kickbacks (which on this particular night included chili, baked potatoes and hot dogs, among other things), and their very thorough breakfast which satisfied the pickiest of eaters.
With breakfast and dinner covered by the hotel, we only had to take care of lunch, which we brought along with us on the first day.   We spent most of the first day swimming, playing dominoes, and watching out the window (the kids would have been happy to spend all day doing this!).  With dinner provided, we never had to leave the hotel, and after dinner we retired to our room with bags of complimentary popcorn to watch a movie.


The next day we went to the zoo.  It was the most relaxed zoo trip we’d ever made, and since we were in no hurry, the kids got to spend a lot of time checking out the things that interested them most.
For Truxton, it was driving, of course!

We’ve had a mini obsession (compared to our hippo obsession) with naked mole rats, ever since Marme and Grandad gave us Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed, for Truxton’s birthday.

Did you know that naked mole rats live in colonies, like bees or ants?  And they have a queen?  Pretty interesting little things, actually.

So of course, seeing the naked mole rats in person made quite an impression.  Even on Dan.

Hedgehogs have been another mini obsession for us, though this is mainly Kinsley’s interest.  After seeing the video below, she has asked everyone she knows who is going or has been anywhere in Europe, to try to get her a hedgehog from the forest there.  Anyway, we got to see a hedgehog there, and the girls met a little boy who’s grandfather lives in England and has a pet hedgehog – which they thought was pretty cool.
Other items of interest… fish.  Though it seemed like Sophie was the only one really interested in them.
And sand.  Trux would have been perfectly content to watch the children playing in the sand table for the entire day.  He’s so easily entertained.
to be continued…

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