the rugrats

The first photos I’ve taken of the kids in a long time – and boy, am I out of practice!

It was a beautiful fall day, and the kids were feeling wild and wooly, so we sent them outside to soak up some sunshine… as you can see, they clearly need more sunshine than they’ve been getting!

Below you see a little boy who takes his passions very seriously.  He loves to drive.  When his papa is driving the family somewhere, you inevitably hear Trux calling up “I drive, Daddy?  I drive?”  This often has the potential to become a full blown fit, if his query is ignored.

Check out Sophie’s choice of outfit.  This girls adores clothes, and is usually slightly more flamboyant in her choice of attire than her mother’s comfort level allows.

This girl?  She has very strong opinions on her clothes.  She lives by a very strict set of rules.  Leaves appear to be an acceptable accessory.  Once in a while.

 She also loves her dog.  Most of the time.  Though once, when he destroyed a beloved drawing, she did mention that she wished we had gotten an outside dog.
 Me too, little girl, me too.

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