February Thrifting

The thrift shop has been my friend, lately.  Actually, the thrift shop is always my friend, but lately it’s been my generous friend.  This is just some of my recent favorite loot.

A handmade creamer and sugar set.  In one of my all time favorite colors!

My very own secret stash of colored pencils.  It’s not just that I like to sketch with them (occasionally) but even looking at them makes me happy!

These hen and rooster salt and pepper shakers are a present for somebody special.  Surprise, Rachel!

And these?  This entire stack, plus a couple more that the girls were drinking out of (total of eight) I got for .80 cents!  I love milky white glass!  They’re Pyrex… which means that you can put them in the oven for custards and such.

I got this stone crock to bake bread in.  I love it.  When I’m using it I wish I could have a window into it’s past life.

Napkins and plates – both thrifted and both used daily.

While I already had the baby, I did purchase the walker at a thrift store recently.  Which in turn has bought me time.  I’m all about buying time.

This outfit caused Kinsley’s heart to flutter.  She is fully aware of the beauty potential of such an outfit.

Sophie’s dress was thrifted last summer, but when she saw me photograph Kinsley’s outfit, she wanted to get in on the action.


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