What happens in winter…

Last week it snowed here, much to the girls’ delight.  As much as I hate winter, cold, and cold-wintry-precipitation – I have to admit that it was very pretty.  The sunsets were gorgeous, the moon was nearly full, and everything contrasted stunningly against the clean white canvas.

Dan kept suggesting that we take a walk, and I kept agreeing, but somehow that never actually happened.  When I started thinking about dressing three babies for a snowy walk, then carrying them when their tootsies all got cold, it seemed like way more trouble than it could possibly be worth.

However, Dan, good papa that he is, did take the girls out to build a snowman.  He also took all of these snow pictures, so that I could enjoy the concept of snow, without actually enduring the reality of said snow.  I’m such a wimp.


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