House Tour :: Closet door, etc.

When you walk in the front door, this is the scene that you will see. The closet houses all the heating equipment for the house. In order to make it “fit”, we painted it with a magnetic primer and several coats of chalkboard paint.

The yellow chair belonged to my great-aunt, and I “rescued” it from the porch of this house (which at the time, was vacant). While it’s little detail, the blanket on the back of the chair was a wedding present from my Aunt Shelly, and has been very well used and well loved since she gave it to us.

Since we’re on little details, the pillow on the chair was a hand embroidered pillow which came from India. A missionary that my family has known for 20 years had started a sewing school there so that orphan girls will be able to learn a skill to support themselves financially – and the pillows were a learning project for these young girls.

The table came from our former neighbor’s yard sale. It had belonged to a family who owned a retail store in Saint Louis. They built it to be a display table in their store.

Wow! I hadn’t intended to go into such detail on these house tour pictures!


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