We spent my birthday relaxing.

We had a leisurely brunch of eggs Benedict and fruit, before driving out to the house that we’re preparing to move into.

Once there, we enjoyed the traditional birthday walk through a clover patch to observe and photograph Dan’s honeybees.

Then we came back and watched the girls blow bubbles, and swim in a little wading pool in the front yard.

Dan and I sat and tried to read a bit, enjoying a glass of wine before dinner.  A friend of my parent’s just passed on a set of wicker furniture to use on the new porch, and we gave it it’s (second) maiden voyage that afternoon.

My family and the Lonesome Hill Gang joined us for a birthday dinner on the porch, of cold cuts, cheese, fruit and wine, and homemade birthday cake (thanks, Hannah!). It was very low key and relaxing… just my cup of tea, these days!


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