Baby Legs

I don’t know where I first heard about BabyLegs, but I think that I saw them on baby Aaron, of Little Bit Funky.  His parents were debating the manliness of BabyLegs, and I thought that not only were they plenty manly, but they were the perfect answer to that “cloth-diaper-bottom” that doesn’t fit in any regular pants.

So, we purchased a trial pair. I love them!

They stay up on those chubby thighs, they look adorable (in my opinion). They even fit Kinsley and Sophie, and are perfect for under their dresses on cool mornings and evenings.

While I love that enticing little gap at the upper thigh, I think my very favorite part is the way that they look when I pull them down past his heels and those strange little toes peek out at me.  Jiminy cricket!

But just check out the rest of that boy, will you? What wouldn’t look dashingly handsome on him?

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