some springish things

  • Invite the neighbors you always intend to have over to dinner for a spring brunch on a rainy Saturday.  Embrace the spring showers by using bright umbrellas and rubber boots as decor.  Fill the tables with pretty watering cans and mis-matched pots of flowers.
  • Use a bit of vinegar to give your dull, wintery tresses a shine.  If you add a few drops of an essential oil, it helps to mask the vinegar odor.  I’ve been doing lately, and it really has made a huge difference in my hair.
  • Wear a pretty, feminine hat.  I’ve admired this one from Urban Outfitters, because it has that vintage feel that I love so much.
  • Drink plenty of water.  It’s a good habit to have established by the time summer heat strikes, and I find that it makes a huge difference in the health of my skin.
  • Take a family outing to pick berries.  I have the most wonderful memories of picking strawberries in early June.
  • Weed the garden with your children.  It’s amazing what even toddlers are capable of, and it gives them an early appreciation for classifying plant life.
  • Clean out the car.  That way when it’s 90* and you load the family, at least you won’t have to smell stale snacks and stray diapers.
  • Our family uses a Aromatherapy Diffuser for the car.  I am in the process of writing an entire post on this little gadget, and with ideas for motion sickness, etc.
  • Eat as seasonably as possible.  It’s almost certain to be better for your pocket book, as well as for your health.
  • Take the children on a picnic.  My girls were enthralled to dine on a bowl of tortilla chips in the yard, the other day.
  • Clear one bookshelf.  Anywhere – just one will do.   Sit and look at it, and wait for inspiration to strike.  It’s amazing what one clear surface can free your brain up to do.  It’s therapeutic, I tell you.
  • Smell irises.  And, if at all possible, a baby’s head.
  • Hang out the laundry.  It forces you to acquire some vitamin D, gives the children some time to exercise, and saves energy.
  • Dust the blinds, wash the windows, and for goodness sakes – open them up and let a breeze through your house.  No more stale winter air!
  • Skip rocks.  This is best done with your husband at sunset!

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