The New Seat Covers

That’s what my grandma calls them – Seat Covers.

Pretty fancy seat covers, if you ask me.

Bum Genius 3.0, One-Size diapers if you want to be exact.

We’re going on two weeks of (nearly) exclusive cloth diaper use, and so far I really like them!

One thing that really made the whole project a bit easier is my hand-made flannel baby wipes.

Not having to sort out the disposable wipes from the washable diaper makes the changing of messy diapers just that much easier.

So far, using the cloth diapers has been no more trouble than the disposable diapers – but I’ll have to give a regular diaper report… if only because they’re so fun to photograph!


4 thoughts on “The New Seat Covers

  1. I’m using those too! I had planned on using the old fashioned white terry towelling kind but they were far too big and unwieldy for my bambino, so I bought a pack of 6 Bum Genius pants and alternate them with disposables – day on, day in the wash. That way I don’t feel like a complete environmental vandal. The colours are just lovely aren’t they?

  2. Pretty awesome! Love the colors – so bright and new (my son is currently wearing a faded pink hand-me-down cover from his older sisters, lol!)

    I think using washable wipes makes a big difference, too. Congrats on making in the first few weeks – i think once you get in the groove of washing and drying them, it’s really not much of an extra effort and i have found the trade-off at potty-training time, and in the pocketbook is worth it!

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