A sad day.


Today was a very sad day at Gentlewood Cottage. Through an unfortunate accident, Lyle met his maker today. If fish meet their maker.


The accident involved Kinsley removing Lyle from his comfortable home to examine him – unbeknownst to us. By the time Aunt Paula happened upon the scene, it was too late for Lyle.

It was pretty traumatic once Kinsley had comprehended that Lyle was dead. She wasn’t able to grasp what had happened, until I told her that Lyle had depended on us to feed him everyday, and watch him swimming in his nice bowl. Then she went into the living room and looked into the fishbowl – then began to cry.


She wailed for a long while for him, wishing that she could feed him again, and not wanting to bury him – but after a while, she gave in and led the funeral procession, with Lyle in his tiny casket in her hand.


She chose a spot under the clothesline, and after Glen dug the grave, Papa said a few words about Lyle’s life, and she carefully placed the Altoid casket into the hole.


Then she cried some more.


Then Marme and Grandma both called with their condolences.


As we were headed into the house, she asked Dan if he could read the book Lorenzo the Fish “in honor of Lyle”. Those were her words, by the way.


And so they did. She asked if Lyle had brothers and sisters and a mom and dad. Dan told her that Lyle had been pretty much alone in the world, and she wanted to know if it was because he was a little baby…


Goodbye Lyle. Thanks for being a good fish.


4 thoughts on “A sad day.

  1. I realize a serious situation like this should not cause chuckles . . . but nevertheless, I’ve had a bit of a laugh–and a tear!

  2. I just love the innocence and purity of childhood, where true emotions flow, even over a beloved fish. It is so beautiful to see something through a child’s eyes.

  3. Awwww. I would laugh except that this is one of those hard life lessons that have to be learned. Poor Kinsley. Tell her Auntie Rowena is very sorry to hear of her loss. 😦

  4. Hi!
    my sister & i found your website via a search for “lorenzo the fish”
    you were THE ONLY hit out there!
    nothing even came up on amazon!
    i was wondering if you could please tell us who the author is
    cause we cant remember.
    condolences on the loss of lyle, btw, i had a beta named henry
    many yrs ago & i loved him dearly.

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