Things around here have been phenomenally crazy for the last few weeks. I can’t believe that it’s been nearly two whole weeks since I last posted.

We have so far:

Visited with my brother (Caleb) and his girlfriend, Alison who came home for a week.

Visited with my brother (Jared) who came home from college two times during the last couple of weeks.

Visited with my sister (Anna) and her family, who came home to participate in all the visiting (see above) and celebrate our mom’s and Bessie’s (my niece, Anna’s daughter) birthdays – (see below).

Started raising cockatiels with my brother (Zion).

Met my uncle from Chicago at a local(ish) campground.



Fished. (Okay, only a little, but as my uncle says… “Fishing requires patience, but fishing with children requires the patience of an angel).

Uploaded and edited roughly 1400 photographs.

Celebrated my mom’s 49th birthday.

Celebrated my sister-in-law’s 46th birthday.

Celebrated my niece’s 3rd birthday.

Celebrated Easter Sunday.

Changed 224 diapers.

Had/have a bad cold and a case of hives (mine!).

Attended a play.

Prepared roughly 42 meals.

Washed around 746 loads of laundry.

Washed 300 loads of dishes in the dishwasher.

Had a picnic.

Did major grocery shopping twice.

Took a mass family picture involving 20 individual and wiggly people.

Played at the park.

Juggled three fussy babies.

Figured taxes. Repeatedly.

Bought two cars.

Cleaned up approximately 29 spills.

Visited the Science Center.

Put out four oven fires.

Had two tires repaired.

Potty trained a two year old.

Mopped the floor. Once.

Learned of two separate and potentially serious car accidents involving my parents and my brother.

Photographed most of the above.


9 thoughts on “Craziness

  1. I was beginning to get really worried about you! I’ve never known you to go so long between blogging. A phone call was planned for tomorrow, so I appreciate the update! A least you’re not bored!

    1. It’s funny that you mention the word “bored” – because that word is not allowed in this house. If a child ever mentions boredom, I can immediately give them so many useful “activities” that they never dream of being bored again… in fact, there are six pans of green chiles waiting to be roasted and peeled by a certain someone who mentioned being bored yesterday!

  2. Hi,

    Same as Kim, I was very worried about you. Never saw you’ve been this silent without blogging. Hope all are well.
    Hugs from Sri Lanka xxxx

    1. Nirasha,

      Thanks for thinking of us – you know, I simply can’t wrap my brain around the fact that someone from Sri Lanka was wondering about our well-being! The internet is an amazing thing, isn’t it?

      I will send you an email answering your questions which you posted in an earlier comment…


      1. Hi Candace,

        Happy to see your reply. Thanks alot!

        There are lot of people around this world thinking of you & your wonderful family. I was rather sadden to hear about the death of lil fish, but Alas! I can’t see the images anymore. It says update to pro.. 😦 How can get your pics? By the way, I’m a big fan of fish & mostly dogs. You can check my profile in FaceBook under Sapumal. Are you in FB?


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