The two year old




One of the hard parts of having babies close together is that the older baby is exactly that, a baby, and yet she is often left to fend for herself…


3 thoughts on “The two year old

  1. Hi,

    I happened to come across your blog while searching for images of “thinking puppy” (quite a strange topic to search!). I am fascinated about your blog eversince (it happened two days back) and I’m reading all your old posts right now. You really have that creative writing skill I must tell, I adore your sweet little babies and the whole story about Gentlewood cottage. So I am curiouse about this whole thing. First of all, if I am not mistaken, you all are living in a one house! Love to know more about it. YOu are a gifted photopgrapher. Keep up the good work..

    Blessings from Sri Lanka!

  2. Oh, the price of being second born, but alas all is not lost; she might turn out to be the most entertaining and creative!

    Aunt Paula ~

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