Kinsley has a ridiculously tender head. Usually it frustrates me when I’m the one working with her, but for some reason I found it both heart-breaking and humorous when I was observing from the other side of the room.




Poor thing. If only this was as difficult as life would get for her.


3 thoughts on “Trauma

  1. Hi,

    I hope it’s OK for me to comment re: this sweet little girl who seems to have just gotten a bath and is having her hair combed out afterwards.
    I too had long hair as a little child and remember my mother trying as gently as she could to comb out the tangles from my locks of hair.

    As an adult with long hair, I still have the problem of tangles but I have found a wonderful solution to minimize the pain of de-tangling. While I’m in the shower (or in Kinsley’s case…probably the tub) I GENTLY massage the shampoo into my strands of hair rather than scrub as I used to with shorter hair. Afterwards I rinse and then condition with a very thick CONDITIONER (not a cream rinse…and Herbal Essences actually). After the conditioner sets for a moment or two I then take a LARGE toothed comb and “without yet rinsing” begin to gently comb through the hair beginning from the tips up. This allows the conditioner to act as a lubricant for the comb to get through the tangles. It is MUCH more bearable. Afterwards I shower the conditioner out of my strands (big cups of water gently poured over Kinsley’s hair would do the job) and squeeze out the excess. Be careful to towel dry gently as well and avoid the “towel scrubbing” motion that can undo all of your careful work to keep the hair untangled.

    I do hope you try this a time or two and I hope it makes a difference on Kinsley’s little scalp. I know sometimes it can seem as though little children are making “mountains of out molehills” when it comes to this sort of thing but perhaps it’s just that we’ve taught ourselves to ignore the pain rather than express it as children do.

    Kinsley is absolutely adorable.

    ~ Valerie (a fellow little girl “at heart”)

    1. Valerie,

      Thank you for the kind and thoughtful tips. I had known about that trick when I was a little girl, and forgotten about it since.

      I actually just got Kinsley’s hair cut, and decided that it’s best kept short for now, but she still hates to have her hair combed out, so I will try to remember to comb while the conditioner is still in her hair, along with the other ideas you mentioned!

      Thanks again!

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