Dining Inexpensively


As of last night, we are temporarily harboring a family of “economic refugees”. Incorporating six new people into our little cottage is going to be interesting and, I’m sure, educational for us all. One interesting challenge that will arise, is feeding the eleven of us without sending anyone over the brink into financial ruin.

So, the first meal… Posole – which, by the way qualifies as holiday feasting here, even if it is fairly inexpensive!

It ended up costing around $.70 per serving. And that’s not even counting leftovers – we’ll see tonight if there are any, but I bet we can at least send the guys off with lunches.


But wait! It gets even better! The pork loin roast ($2.49 per pound) is certainly not the cheapest way to obtain pork roast. I wouldn’t normally use a roast of this quality in a stew, but I had this in the freezer already, so I am today. The posole (hominy) was $3.49 (on sale) for a #10 can. I only used half the can in this stew.


I may be strange, but raw meat actually looks very appetizing to me at times. Like now. I think it’s my Indian blood. But don’t worry, I refrained.


Actually, I sort of cheated on the price figuring, since I already had all my spices (I used bullion for the broth) and also the dried chiles (you know the kind – you get them at Wal Mart, in crinkly plastic bags that aren’t really sealed).

I tweaked the recipe a bit. I used what I have on hand (that’s the Ozarkian blood in me, I guess). I’m cooking it in a crockpot. Once it’s stewed all day, I’ll take a picture of the finished product.


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