One of the unexpected little joys of having children, is the little surprise tableaus that we are liable to discover at any moment and in any place in our house.

The other day I had to remove three dinosaurs from the toilet lid so that I could use the bathroom. I was severely chastised and made to understand that “the mama and the papa dinosaur had been teaching the baby dinosaur to go potty”.

There are babies in various stages of dress laying about the house, apparently in the middle of various important activities. From where I sit, I see one with a book on a chair, a few cuddling with a hippo in the doll playpen, and one sitting in the baby swing with a bottle of juice.

Kinsley’s lamb and polar bear are sitting together in Papa’s recliner in quiet camaraderie.

Curious George is peering (rather ominously, I think) over the roof of the doll house.

There is a purple hippo riding the rocking horse upstairs, and another hippo wrapped in a blanket and riding a boat in the guest room.

Kinsley faithfully nurses her polar bear and her lamb whenever they get hungry.

Dinosaurs have recently taken up invading the doll house.

But, even with all this random insanity, one should not assume that there are certain laws don’t apply. They do. It’s just that I seem to always be out of the loop about which ones apply to which situations.

For example, I’ve learned animals do not go in the crib in the doll house. They can go in the playpen, however. And of course, one should never interfere with parental potty training sessions.


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