The Nester has had a few really great posts lately on decorating with what you have, and making each room in your home a place that you really do want to be. Her series “Ten Minutes to a Room You Love” has been good, but for some reason I found her Tablescape Tutorial especially inspiring.


It’s the perfect little task for a highly pregnant mama to do on her due date. I feel like I’m getting something done, and still managing to expend very little energy.


It also is a perfect way to showcase a few of my very favorite items, like this little wooden sandpiper that Dan’s dad gave me for Christmas. His parents give the best gifts!

The new arrangement also brings the proper attention to one of Kinsley’s favorite things:\


This is Lyle Maxwell The Kindly Fish. He is a gift from Marme and Grandad, and my grandparents. They also are amazingly talented gift givers. Of course, Kinsley did hint very blatantly (she suggested that it might have been a more appropriate Valentine’s Day gift than a balloon).


As you can probably tell, Kinsley named Lyle. She says that when we say “goodnight” to him, we have to say “Goodnight, Lyle Maxwell!” When we say “good morning”, we only have to say “Good morning, Lyle!” But when we leave, then we say “Goodbye, Lyle Maxwell the Kindly Fish!” I once messed it all up, and when Kinsley gently corrected me, I told her I was sorry. She said “That’s fine, Mama. Just don’t let it happen again.”

So, back to the decorating. I need a few opinions, here.

Arrangment (1)a:


Arrangement (1)b:

Or none of the above?


Arrangement (2)a:


Arrangement (2)b:

Or, no plant there at all?


What should I do to finish it off?


5 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. My vote is 1a and 2a. I like the plant there!
    Plus, I prefer the big white thing on the opposite side of the lamp-the lamp has such a pretty base that I don’t like it blocked.
    There you have it, my blunt opinion.

    What did you decide to do?

    I’m sure it will be lovely whichever way you choose!

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