Remember Cinder? She was a chimpanzee that we saw during our visit to the Saint Louis Zoo. For some reason, she really peaked our interest, and we came home and did quite a bit of reading about her and the autoimmune disorder which caused her to continually loose her hair.

She died suddenly, last Sunday, of apparently mysterious causes. Seeing the Chimpanzees interacting with each other and reading the accounts of how they reacted to Cinder’s death is pretty sad.

Here’s a video of the news clip regarding Cinder’s death.

In other chimpanzee news (how strange is it for two news stories about two different chimps to hit the national news in the same week?), Travis the chimp, of Connecticut, had a very bad week as well. He went on a spree of apparently random violence which baffled his owner, his victim, and many animal experts. Lymes disease? A reaction to drugs (legal, I hope)? Mid-life crisis? A case of animal instincts? Strange.

Looking at the muscles on Cinder does sort of tend to make me think I wouldn’t keep a chimpanzee as a pet, though.


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