The Contraction Master

We’re getting into that stage in the last weeks of pregnancy, where we find ourselves constantly wondering “is this the real thing?”


The midwife thinks that I’m very ready, and should expect a baby anytime now. I just don’t know what to think at this point, but one thing is sure… I have found one of the most ingenious little programs ever made.


It’s called The Contraction Master. It was made by a man who wanted to keep a log of his wife’s contractions without having to fumble in the dark for watch, pen, and paper, doing math in his head, all while being an attentive and comforting husband.

It keeps track of the length of each contraction and the space of time in between them. I do sort of wish that there was a way to save the log and start over (I wanted to do this after I missed several) or print the log (to show the doctor or midwife). But it’s not really necessary, as so far we have simply copied the log and pasted it into a document.


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