Vintage homemaking tip :: reach for the salt


“When something spills or cooks over in your oven – just sprinkle salt immediately. When the oven is cool, use your pancake turner and pick up the burned pile of goop. Wipe with a damp sponge. Terrific!

I had scalloped potatoes boil over yesterday and what smoke and smell! I immediately grabbed my box of salts and poured it on the burned spill. Smoke died down, odors left, and I just kept cooking. After removing the food, I closed the oven door so that the heat would stay in the oven. Next morning, I just used my pancake turner and scraped up the awful mess.

I suggest that women should not try to clean up a mess like this when it happens. Close the oven door and let the heat finish your chores! There is always tomorrow…”

~1962 Heloise’s Housekeeping Hints


2 thoughts on “Vintage homemaking tip :: reach for the salt

  1. Salt also works well on fresh red wine/grape juice spills on carpet/upholstery, etc.

    Before any other intervention quickly pour a thick covering of table salt on the spill and watch it absorb the red ~ then pick up the stained salt with a clean brush/dustpan – spatula/ spoon, what ever you have, if you need to apply more salt, repeat the process, then pick up the last of the salt with your vac.

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