rah-rah hats


These hats were designed to coordinate with the hoodies which Uncle Zion gave to the girls, in honor of Sophie’s birthday.


After I finished Sophie’s, Dan pointed out that they reminded him of antique football helmets.


Now Kinsley calls it “her football helmet”…


Both girls really wanted The Boy to have a matching hat, but Kinsley was perplexed by the flower… “He can’t have a flower, Mama, cause he’s a boy…” So, this is what we came up with.


Once again, the patterns came from Ravelry. The Sophie’s hat pattern is the Brrr Baby Beanie, with the Picot Flower accent.


Kinsley’s hat (since she needed a size bigger) was the Cute Kid’s Earflap Hat, but with the same floral accent. I didn’t do the gauge swatch on this, and her hat is borderline too small. I may go ahead and make a duplicate in the next size up (I did the size 2-4 pattern).


The Boy’s hat was the SLK Baby Hat pattern. His hat has more of a mushroom shape than the pattern depicts, and the reason for this is that I got scared about how large it was turning out, and decreased a few rounds…

Anyway… we’ll be cheering the team in style, this year!



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