Vintage homemaking tip :: spare the soap!

Try cutting your amount of soap in half! Overuse of soap is a common mistake among many homemakers. They think that the more soap they use, the cleaner the wash. Not so! Too much soap causes soap film. If you cut the amount of soap in half and the water is still slippery, then you have been using too much soap.

Most people want to know ‘How do I save?’ Soap is expensive, so why waste it? You wouldn’t think of throwing an extra cup of sugar down the drain when you bake a cake, yet you not only throw half your detergent away when you do your laundry, but you use extra bleach to remove it!

Do not waste the bleach either. Why rot the clothes and the elastic in garments? Once you have removed the soap film from your clothes and they are white, they will be easy to keep that way.

Remember, never overload your machine.

Now that you have read this, go gather the white clothes out of your laundry and put them in your washing machine.

You must have hot water. Always rinse in hot water to get extremely white clothes. Some machines automatically rinse in cold water. Until your clothes reach perfection… use and set your dial for rinsing in hot water.

Wait a while before starting that second load of clothes, to give the heater time to recover the high heat that you will need.

For colored clothes, leave out bleach, but add one-fourth cup of ammonia with your detergent. Go through the same procedure and use a vinegar rinse.

After clothes are soap free, one-fourth cup vinegar will do.

The first thing to do is to get your clothes white. The second thing is to keep them that way!

~ 1962 Heloise’s Housekeeping Hints


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