Recent Kinsleyisms


Kinsley: Mama, I wrote on my blog, a long time ago, that children don’t like to eat vegetables!


Sophie: In Heaven, there won’t be any Hippos.
Kinsley: No, there won’t be any hippos, but there will be elephants. But not African elephants, just India elephants.


Kinsley: Is God bad, or good?
Mama: He is very good, in fact, He is perfect, and He is the only reason we even know what is good…
Kinsley: Well, does God kill people, or not?


Kinsley: Well, I couldn’t go live in Heaven right now, because once this house falls apart, then we have to go live in the house at Granddad’s office.


Kinsley: Oh, Sophie, I have so much to teach you… ’bout riding bikes, and how to pedal, and building houses and stuff..


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