A few Sophieisms


Sophie: What the hack is that?


As I carried Sophie into the store the other day, she exclaimed “Oh Mama! Look at that pretty man and his hair!” I looked around quickly and spotted the “pretty man”. He was a rough old fella, with a long grizzled beard and bushy white hair sticking out at all angles.


Sophie has been pretty constipated, lately. She’s taken to giving names to all her bowel movements, in order to help us understand the size of the success. “I think it’s a Mama Poop”, or “It’s just a Baby Poop” or the worst; “I have to have a Papa Poop!”.


Sophie has become very insistent on proper behavior from her sister (and even at times, her mother). She is often telling Kinsley to “Be Happy!”

When I was sick with the flu and one time didn’t make it to the toilet (I’m sure you want to hear about this), Sophie was standing to the side, watching me vomit. Then she said “Papa should spank you for getting that all over the floor”.


She has also been spending much of her time being The Baby Hippo. The good part of this deal, is that often The Baby Hippo can be prevailed upon to do things that Sophie would never consider doing without much protest, including going to sleep quietly!


2 thoughts on “A few Sophieisms

  1. You have such darling girls! I can remember when I was little, thinking I would shock Daddy by saying my first “bad word” (what the “hack”, just like Sophie) . . . only to have Daddy laugh at me. I was quite put out that he didn’t drop over dead with horror at what I had dared to say, until he told me that I had said it wrong. A huge let down for me really. 🙂

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