Snow. And Plans.


It was almost too much for the girls to bear when I drew back the curtains in the living room to show then the lovely large snow flakes blowing by outside. They started making plans at the rate of about a thousand per minute…


They would make a snow man. They would sled.


They could make snow ice cream. They could drink the snow, if we ran out of water.


They would make snowballs to put in the freezer so that they could have snow when the snow was all gone.


Which made Kinsley think of summer. Which made her think of plans for a summer day, again. She and Papa must play baseball at the park. And football. And they should wear the new hoodies which Uncle Zion gave them when they play football. And they needed a special hat with a fence for their faces, for baseball. And for football. And patches on their knees for baseball. And a bat, and a ball, and a glove. And we could store it all in the basement so we will be ready for summer.


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