Leftovers Stew


One of the simplest meals we’ve had recently, and so satisfying on these cold winter evenings…

We had some leftover roast beef. And leftover green beans with plenty of flavorful juices. And about a half a can of leftover beef broth.


And carrots and celery, which are always threatening to up and rot, in my crisper drawer. In fact, Dan calls my crisper drawer “the rotter”. We also have a cabinet which he calls “the staler” but that’s beside the point.

We added some potatoes, which were beginning to grow lots of eyes, and needed to be used. Some crushed garlic, some pepper rub for steaks, and a dash of Worcestershire sauce, and a smidge of truffle salt.


The girls helped make the stew. They’ve become very useful lately, just ask them.

Then, I took some of my wonderful Artisan bread dough, which is often in the fridge, and make parker house style rolls, which tasted sourdough-ish and were very wonderful.

So perfect for dinner on a one degree night. The whole satisfying dinner required about 20 minutes in the kitchen, and then made the house smell wonderful for the rest of the afternoon!


2 thoughts on “Leftovers Stew

  1. You’ve inspired me, I’m making roast tonight…leftovers become stew…which is always perfect on a cold winters eve! 1 degree..that is too cold for your neck of the woods!

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